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  • 60 minutes $95
  • 75 minutes $120
  • 90 minutes $135
  • 120 minutes $175
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Craniosacral Therapy

Sacral massage, referred to as craniosacral therapy, aims to provide relief from tension in the spinal cord and head. Light pressure is applied to help improve the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid and realign the central nervous system.

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Cupping & Scraping Massage

Cupping and scraping are ancient Chinese therapies, which when used in conjunction with one another, they restore your circulatory system by delivering fresh oxygen to cells. This is accomplished by relaxing and opening up connective tissues, which allows nourishment at and around the areas of application. Other benefits include improved mobility, better pain management, clearer skin, faster exercise recovery and lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels.

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Myofascial Release

We all have a system of dense connective tissue within our bodies called fascia. Fascia lies within every cell and also surrounds every muscle, organ, and skeletal structure. It is a web of tissue that is meant to be jelly-like and fluid moving as we move. But over time, we all develop our own unique patterns of fascial tightness causing decreased mobility and/or pain. Myofascial Release is a technique that addresses your specific structural imbalances, tissue tightness, and general blocks within the fascial system. This in turn will help your body return to its natural balance and mobility.

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Lymphatic Facilitation

This specialized massage focuses on the lymphatic system, which is a part of the immune system. This technique aims to help the body maintain proper blood circulation, body fluid balance, and immune functions. By increasing lymph flow, lymphatic facilitation helps the healing process, decreases edema and swelling, and improves the lymphatic, nervous, and muscular systems

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TMJ Massage

The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is what connects the mandible (lower jaw) to the skull, just under the ears. The muscles of the TMJ control chewing. Dysfunction or malalignment can affect the neck, shoulders, face, and teeth. During the massage, kneading, friction, and stretching are applied to trigger points to provide relief to the TMJ.

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